Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gamjams review: Gloves

I'm relatively new to this whole cycling thing, but in the just over two years I have been riding I have used three, yes that's right three different kinds of gloves. My first gloves were your standard half finger gloves made by castelli. I loved these gloves, they were very ultra comfortable. While comfort is the reason to buy a pair of gloves, I find it annoying to have to pull gloves inside out to remove them. These gloves solved the problem with loops of faux leather in between the fingers that made it easy to pull the gloves straight off. The only other short finger gloves I have had are the ABRT team issue gloves and while I have like these gloves overallthere are a few things that could be changed. These gloves have a nice fit and are very form fitting which I like. The one thing I don't like is the placement of the extra gel cushion they placed on the pinky side of the palm. I have found that this pad if you will has a tendecy to bunch up and move to the saide of my hand where it does absolutely no good. Its not a huge deal. The other thing I don't like is that they are hard to remove. My third pair of gloves are made by Descente and they are my winter gloves. I find these gloves to be very versatile as they have gotten me through the last winter while wearing them in almost all conditions. They are warm and they fit well with a gauntlet style wrist. They also have an extra flap that you can fold over for extra finger protection from the wind. I have never been able to use this though as I feel when my full five finger gloves are turned in to basic mittens that I lose shifting and braking control. Other than that these gloves are great versatile winter gloves.

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